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Marketing Profile for Manufacturing

You’ve got a tough job. And if you’re like most manufacturers, you’re dealing with a lot of partners in different locations – not to mention, a lot of tools and data in different places.

Want to see how you stack up? Get your score with our free personalized marketing profile, designed just for companies with indirect sales channels.

Partners & Processes

  1. How would you describe your collaboration with your partner channel?
  2. Today partners expect access to the tools they need. Anytime. Anywhere. How do you measure up?
  3. How effective is your onboarding process for your partners?
  4. What best describes your program management (e.g., contracting, tiering and forecasting with your partner network)?
Progress: 33%

Marketing & Performance

  1. How do you communicate key performance indicators (KPIs) to your partners? (In other words, real-time info for territories, market share, leads and campaigns.)
  2. How do you collaborate with your partners regarding their current market size and share?
  3. Are you using partner marketing (i.e., personalized marketing campaigns created by your corporate team for your partners)?
  4. How does your organization manage brand and marketing assets for your partners?
Progress: 67%

Funds & Lead Management

  1. Market Development Funds (MDF) is the most common method of supporting partners with dollars for their marketing campaigns. How do you manage funding?
  2. What's the process like for your partners to request and manage MDF claims with corporate marketing?
  3. How do you assign leads from corporate campaigns to your partners?
  4. How do you make sure that new leads are accurately routed to your partners?
Progress: 100%

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